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How to install and clean a chandelier

The chandelier can be said to be one of the common lamps in the home. The reason why it can be loved by people is that in addition to playing a good lighting role, it can also play a good role in decorating the room.

Chandelier installation

1. Fix the chandelier

Similar to the ceiling light, the first thing to do is to draw the drilling points when fixing the chandelier, use a percussion drill to drill the holes, and then drive the expansion screws into the holes. It is worth noting that since the load of the chandelier is generally greater than that of the ceiling lamp, it is necessary to use a metal hanging plate or hook to fix the ceiling first, and then connect the chandelier base, which can make the installation of the chandelier more secure.

2. Chandelier connection

Screw on the bald head screws and the base is installed. Connect the power wires, and wrap the exposed parts of the copper wires with insulating tape. Then connect the boom to the base and adjust the appropriate height. Finally, install the lampshade and bulb of the chandelier.

3. Precautions for installation of chandelier

(1) Note that the chandelier cannot be installed too low. The use of the chandelier requires the house to have sufficient floor height. Whether the chandelier is installed in the living room or the dining room, it should not be hung too short, so as not to hinder people’s normal sight or make people feel dazzling. , the general boom can be adjusted in height. If the house is low, the use of ceiling lights will make the house brighter and more generous.

(2) Pay attention to the firmness and safety of the chassis. The most basic requirement for lamp installation is to be firm. When installing various lamps, they should be installed according to the requirements of the lamp installation instructions. If the weight of the lamp is greater than 3kg, it should be installed with a pre-embedded hook or directly fixed with an expansion bolt from the roof.

(3) Check that the suspender is firmly connected. Generally, the suspender of the chandelier has a certain length of thread, which can be used for height adjustment. In addition to carefully checking whether the chassis is firmly fixed after installation, pay attention to the reliability of the connection for the light box suspended under the suspension rod.

Chandelier cleaning and maintenance

1. Materials needed to clean the chandelier

Use kerosene skillfully. If you have kerosene at home and discarded old toothbrushes, these two things are the most suitable for dealing with the stubborn dirt on the surface of the bulb. Spray a special cleaner. If you think it is too laborious to clean the bulbs one by one, you can also choose to buy a professional cleaner.

2. Chandelier cleaning method

It is best not to clean the lamps with water. Just wipe them with a dry cloth dipped in water. If you accidentally touch water, try to dry them as much as possible. Do not wipe them with a wet cloth immediately after turning on the lights, because the bulbs are easy to burst when exposed to high temperature water.

Cloth lampshade: first use a small vacuum cleaner to suck off the surface dust, and then pour some dish soap to scrub.

Paper materials: Avoid using detergent directly to prevent damage, just wipe it with a dry cloth.

Frosted glass lampshade: Use a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste to clean, and the dirt on the concave and convex parts can be treated with a toothpick wrapped in a soft cloth.

Metal chandelier: After removing the dust on the surface, squeeze a little toothpaste on the cotton cloth to scrub.

4. Tips for cleaning and maintenance

Pour about a beer bottle cap of edible vinegar into half a basin of water and mix thoroughly, soak the rag in it, wring it out and wipe the lamp. In this way, the wiped lamps are not only bright, but also will not generate static electricity and are not easy to get dust.

In addition, the chandelier must not be placed in a house that is prone to moisture, it will easily make the chandelier fall off. And it is necessary to check frequently and irregularly.


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