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Chandelier FAQ

The selection and use of chandeliers vary greatly. Finding a suitable chandelier for spaces with different shapes involves following certain guidelines. The usage of single lamps, multiple rows, or staggered arrangements can be determined according to the space function. When choosing a chandelier, all aspects, including whether there is a lampshade or not, must be fully considered.

Size and Harmony

Adapt the size of the chandelier to make the space more harmonious and beautiful. No matter how perfect an interior match is, the coordination of the room will be disrupted by the wrong length and size of the chandelier. For rooms with a height of 2.6-2.8 meters, the length of the chandelier plus the line should be less than 30 cm to form the most suitable space ratio. Rooms with lower ceilings are more suitable for a combination of ceiling lamps and floor lamps, as chandeliers may affect the line of sight.

Function-Based Selection

Choose the most suitable chandelier style based on the function:

  • Low-Hanging Chandeliers: Create a sense of atmosphere.
  • High-Hanging Chandeliers: Increase the range of light.
  • Random Heights: Multiple chandeliers at different heights can make the lighting more layered.

Dining Table Considerations

  • Long Dining Table: A row of three low-hanging small chandeliers is practical and beautiful.
  • Round Dining Table: A single high-hanging round chandelier provides good brightness and is convenient for family dinners.
  • Visual Focus: Arrange multiple chandeliers at different heights to enhance personality and create an irregular layering effect.

Lighting Types

Differentiate between ambient light and the main light source:

  • Ambient Light: Chandelier wrapped in a lampshade for soft and concentrated light, suitable for relatively closed private spaces.
  • Main Light Source: Consider the needs of different rooms for bright light. Optical fibers are dispersed for lighting in multi-person spaces.

Space-Specific Needs

  • Uniform Light: Suitable for offices and public spaces.
  • Soft Light Atmosphere: Family leisure areas need soft light to create a relaxing environment.
  • Practical Brightness: Rooms like kitchens and living rooms require practical and comfortable brightness.

Indirect Lighting

If the chandelier cannot create the ideal lighting atmosphere, supplement it with indirect lighting. Indirect lighting uses light reflected off walls, mirrors, floors, etc., to create a romantic atmosphere and soft lighting effects.

Bedroom Tips

  • Light Strips: Install light strips on the bedside background wall to make the sleeping atmosphere more romantic and warm. It can also help relieve eye fatigue before bed.

By following these guidelines, you can choose and arrange chandeliers to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space.


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