Mix & Match Seating Guide

Mix & Match Seating Guide

Gone are the days when every chair at the table had to be identical, and we couldn’t be more thankful. While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional ‘matching table and chairs’ look, we love the freedom of mixing and matching seating options at the dining table. We see it as another opportunity to get creative and let style shine through.

Going from a safe table setting to showing off your visionary spirit can seem intimidating, but when it comes to mix and match seating, it’s a lot easier than you think! Here are a few ideas to turn your dining room into the most exciting space in your home.

Don’t be afraid to mix chair styles

Don’t stress out or overthink it. It’s okay to put a parsons chair next to a spindle chair. Feeling bold?  Pair parsons chairs and x-back chairs for an edgy look. Try experimenting with a few different settings, and eventually you’ll find one you love. If you feel like your choices are starting to clash with each other, take a step back to some more complementary pieces.  

It’s okay to mix colors and patterns

A stained wood table, black spindle chairs and a couple of cream parsons chairs walk into a dining room… Seriously, it’s all right to take a little freedom with color. It’s okay if the table and everything around it don’t have the exact same stain or shade. Try fun patterns for an additional layer of style.

Chairs are just the beginning

There’s so much more to seating than chairs. Make a statement when guests go to sit down at the table by bringing in a bench. Running the length of the table, a bench is a bold but fun choice. Your guests will always remember dining at your house because you dared to be different.

What does your dining room look like right now? Are you going to try something new by mixing and matching the pieces in your home? We’d love to see what you can come up with! Be sure to tag @Kirklands to show off your style, and if you need any help finding the right pieces, we have so many seating options for you to shop!

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